Comfortable Shooting Range Dress Code

April 2, 2024

What to wear to a shooting range is critical for safety and comfort. To tackle the range confidently, choose attire that aligns with the codes of conduct while making you feel comfortable and not affecting your aim. From tactical pants and long-sleeve shirts to ear protection and gloves, make sure to wear suitable clothing at shooting ranges in New York.

Shirts and Pants

Light, long-sleeved shirts and durable pants are preferred to protect the skin from hot shell casings and ricochets. Natural fabrics like cotton are breathable and help keep individuals cool indoors and outdoors. Avoid synthetic materials that melt or burn easily, especially near fire or stray sparks. Regarding pants, look for designs with reinforced knees that allow you to move easily when crouching or kneeling.


Range footwear should provide stability and support without compromising agility or being a distraction. Wearing closed-toe shoes to shield the feet from any dropped equipment or misfired rounds is crucial for safety. Additionally, experts recommend flat heel shoes, like hiking boots, to help maintain balance and grip against the range floor.


Whether leisure or armed guard training, eye and ear accessories are essential for safety and performance. Protective eyewear should be impact-resistant and wrapped around the head to guard against debris or dirt, whereas earmuffs or earplugs shield hearing from loud gunfire sounds. Additionally, consider having a wide-brimmed hat to shade your face and neck, especially at outdoor ranges.



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