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Received Armed Guard Security Certification
in 1992 From the State of New York.

Get Your License With Our Firearms Training and Services

We can provide you with the professional training and services you need to get your gun license in the Tri-State Area. The types of gun licenses that we can help you obtain are concealed carry licenses for your home or business and accepted by up to 32 different states, premises licensing with target shooting privileges allowed in our facility, and rifle and shotgun licenses for hunting or protection purposes. Seneca Sporting Range Inc can facilitate the process of getting your license and has successfully helped thousands of professionals, business owners, and regular customers obtain permits in New York City, as well as in Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties. We'll guide and instruct you, so you can push through the red tape and bureaucracy and successfully exercise your Second Amendment rights. Our services also include a specialized class regarding the penal laws and restrictions associated with firearms in the New York State area, along with a gun license application for only $200.00.

The Best Shooting Range in the Tri-State Area

We provide an expansive street-level gun range with 15 different shooting points for our customers in Ridgewood, New York. Our range is available with an annual membership fee of $500.00, which is the lowest for any shooting range that's approved and authorized by the New York City Police Department. You're always welcome to come to our facility to meet with us, ask questions, and enjoy a tour of our store and our indoor shooting range. Our facility is conveniently air-conditioned in the summer and well-heated in the colder months for your comfort and convenience. We're certified by the National Rifle Association as professional firearms trainers and instructors. Our range has also been rented out to many production companies that film in the area, and some of our previous clients have included HBO™ for their series, Bored to Death and the CBS™ series, The Good Wife.

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